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Glass packaging has become popular in the food field

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-12-14      Origin: Site

In daily life, if you look a little bit, you will find glass packaging pops up again in the field of food. When shopping in the supermarket, you can see the packaging of glassware, such as milk bottles, honey bottles, white wine bottles, sesame oil bottles, champagne bottles, and many more. And many new products do not, as always, use plastic bottles as a package, but glass bottles.

The stability of the glass material is better than plastic bottles, more transparent, non-toxic, tasteless features better barrier properties, the price is relatively low, but also can be used several times. Compared to plastic packaging, glass packaging can withstand high temperature, easy to clean, high temperature sterilization and also be stored at low temperatures.

With the continuous innovation and development in the field of glass industry, the appearance of glass packaging is getting more and more beautiful. Glass products suppliers carry out deep processing on glass packaging, such as printing and processing, and show the artistic sense of glass packaging. Gradually glass packaging is by the people's attention. With the plastic packaging occupying an absolute position in the packaging market, because of the differentiated packaging for merchant choice, glass packaging is gradually by the market's attention and welcome.

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