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The quality control of glass bottles and jars in production

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Many manufacturers of glass bottles and jars receive a variety of product quality problems from customers after they leave the factory, causing customers to complain and causing losses to both parties. The main reason is the improper quality control during the production process. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of glass bottles and jars, manufacturing enterprises should do the following:

1. Mold inspection:

The manufacturers produce glass bottles and jars according to the molds provided by customers, or according to drawings and new molds of sample bottles. For the critical dimensions of the molds that will affect the forming, it is necessary to communicate and negotiate with customers when making the mold, and reach consensus on critical dimension changed. All molds must be matched with the mouth molds, primary molds, and formed molds when entering the factory, and inspected according to drawings or customer requirements.

2. First sample’s inspection:

After the mold is put on the machine, before entering the annealing furnace, the first 10-30 products are produced. Each group of molds draws 2-3 products for size inspection. The focus of inspection is the height, inner and outer diameter of mouth of bottles and jars; whether the carving on bottom of bottles and jars is clear and correct; whether the bottles and jars’ body pattern is correct.

When the bottle just came out of the annealing furnace, the leader of quality inspection team will extract 2-3 pcs samples, and test it according to all aspects of the drawing. The main point is that in addition to the above, volume measurement and weight measurement, the inner and outer diameter of the mouth of bottles and jars; if necessary, fill the bottle with water, and use the cap provided by the customer for physical assembly, and check whether the cap can be in place and whether there is water leakage. And make internal pressure, internal stress, acid and alkali resistance test.

3. Producing process inspection:

During the manufacturing process, the mold may be replaced with a new mold. Therefore, after the mold is changed, the processing workshop must immediately notify the quality inspection workshop. The quality inspection workshop must do the first sample’s inspection and producing process inspection for the bottles made with the new mold.  To prevent quality problems that quality inspector missed inspection because they don’t know mold changed.

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